Simon says; a contrast of two people in the way they move and becoming a singular vision of the electric Ujet bike. Both emphasis in how the bike shapes, adapt and moves in the urban landscape.


a dancer called shai...
Review and extended version here: http://www.kolkata-online.com/blog/?p=2105

ASUS CHI___________________

Asus transformer book chi.
Energy flow of the chi master.
while in real time our crew was being chased by wild monkeys. #butterflyeffect


An serene emptiness, an forgotten place in the remote indian Thar desert where the Aghori (priest) dedicate himself to meditation. Moving in a trance flipping from reality to the unconscious worlds becoming a
transcendence state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence.


G-star’s design ethos and life philosophy, in that it’s a call to think and re-think every move, always moving forward. magnus carlsen vs lily cole.


The endless loop of recycling in surreal new zealand where geysers become paintings.

SHAI TRAILER___________

We are in between. We find ourselves amongst wonders that have been and mysteries yet to come. A new born baby inherits endless years of history while an old man lays the foundation for the future. All we can do is be.